SPARX Asset Management Korea Co., Ltd.

To make the world wealthier,
healthier and happier through SPARX investment activities

SPARX’s crucial role is to allocate capital to support corporate activities that improve people’s quality of life.

Looking back at the history of humankind, we know that it took thousands of years for our ancestors to create a society where people can live together in a community, where the concepts of division of labor and specialization took hold, a monetary economy emerged, and capital markets were formed to make it possible for capitalists to invest in companies. Investment is an important activity contributing to the success of the capital markets.

As an investment company, SPARX aims to build “the happy world” by significantly contributing to the economy. Some people may wonder what “the happy world” means. It is a world where society is healthy – a world where people are mentally and physically happy and people earn a sufficient income to live a good life. This is why SPARX’s purpose is “To make the world wealthier, healthier and happier.”

Adam Smith, known as “The Father of Economics,” writes in one of his books “The Theory of Moral Sentiments” that “Happiness consists in tranquility and enjoyment.” He also writes, to maintain our mental tranquility, a person is “in health, out of debt, and has a clear conscience.” As a “navigator of capital”, SPARX would like to contribute to the realization of a happy society that enables people around the world to attain mental tranquility.

Since the time of our foundation, SPARX’s vision has been to be “the most trusted and respected investment company in the world.” This is because we believe “trust” and “respect” are the most important elements in a capitalist economy.

To gain trust and respect as well as create “the happy world”, SPARX will continue to cultivate and strengthen our spirit of curiosity and intelligence to identify social and economic opportunities that have not yet been recognized and realized. We will continue to do our utmost “to make people around the world happier” by distributing the economic fruit borne from our investment activities back to society.

President, SPARX Group CEO
Shuhei Abe
Shuhei Abe