Korea Mid & Small Cap Strategy

SPARX Korea Mid & Small Cap strategy is a designed to generate mid- to long-term return through excavating and investing in mid and small cap sized stocks that are overlooked and so have value gaps between their intrinsic values and market prices. Strategy manager would seek for catalysts that can narrow the value gaps in order to properly identify investible companies.

Korea Beta Hedge Strategy

SPARX Korea Beta Hedge strategy is designed to provide a mid- and long-term capital appreciation through a portfolio composed mainly of small to midcap sized Korean listed equities selected from fundamental bottom-up researches, aiming to achieve stable returns that are less susceptible to the market fluctuations through beta neutral management of the portfolio.

Korea Long-Short Strategy

SPARX Korea LS strategy is designed to withstand various market conditions and cycles whilst maximizing risk-adjusted returns through continuously investing in long and short positions. Primarily focuses on identifying winners and losers resulting from structural changes taking place in the Korean consumer sector. The ‘conviction investment’ based on value gap and decision-making processes provide a margin of safety.

Korea All-cap Strategy

SPARX Korea All-cap strategy is designed to generate high risk-adjusted excess returns relative to the broad Korean market over a mid- to long-term horizon through high-conviction stock-picking. It follows an unconstrained, benchmark-agnostic approach to identify Korean companies positioned to benefit from future growth opportunities arising from the structural changes in Korea, at an attractive price.

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